Attention: Who is my Art for?

WARNING: I paint only for those people who feel and know they are different. For those who aren’t satisfied with the ordinary way of Living. I I paint for the people like me, who believe enormously powerful in themselves and know that through self discipline they can achieve  everything in LIfe. 


Oktober 2023

Vision for the World

I am Not bound by RULES

Every Artwork brings power messages inspired by the people everyday, their way of going through the day hopping that better will come. But eventually it doesn’t come. But through this art you can break the chains and say ,, Fuck Yourself”. Because I don’t want to be controlled by others for everything in my LIFE, but be Different and  live without being bound by rules – but by my Principles. 


I am not brainwashed

I am not brainwashed from endless art classes and art teachers how to create using formulas and other crucial methods of consciously creating aesthetics, but almost nothing more. I fuck the rules – but fallow My principles . I create from hearth. There you the unconsciousness speaking. I don’t want you to love my art. I don’t intend to create harmony. I don’t want to create a visually appealing object to cover the dry and doll walls of your house. I truly believe in breaking through the Norms. 

This is
a Choice!

For the different Ones

 – The people who aren’t influenced only by aesthetics, but willing to create a powerful magnet, leading precisely towards their important Human Kind. This aren’t some kind of pigment on paper, it is a Choice!

It is for YOU

discover Your Masterpiece

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